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Insurance issues


FYI your insurance can become void if you fail to attend to your obligations for OHS requirements. It pays to check with your insurance company as you must show that you have put practices in motion to keep the work place safe. TESTING AND TAGGING

We supply a detailed report on your Testing and Tagging  (free of charge)  below you will find a link to ..

1.  A completed report

2.  A failed report

Important News about BSA licensing 


Emergency lighting required licensing By QBSA as from JAN 2012! so don’t be fooled, ask for their licence Number always!

Emergency and Exit light inspection and maintenance


We Specialize in all your Emergency Exit lighting requirements.

Click here for the Regulation on EMG Lighting Newman’s Test Tag  also specialize in RCD testing.

Below you will find information on your RCDS and common Powerboard RCD Safety switches that most Trades use. They show that you can be killed or be seriously injured when you just rely on a safety switch to protect you.

How an RCD works and what it will not stop. In short best practices is a 200 page book and designed to work side by side to Standards to achieve the best result for all Safety. Basically it says that you have to look at the big picture when it comes to Test and Tag  and judge every situation on its own safety issues e.g to test and tag yearly in some office environments and not 5 yearly. In regards to RCD testing the outcome is this; don’t just rely on one or the other to be totally safe & covered by insurance companies, remember: safety is important to everyone in the work place which is our primary concern and our business.

Issues with compliance


Its up to you to make your work place safe! There are penalties that apply for a breach of the Electrical Safety Act 2002(QLD ) and Safety regulations (Electrical section 30). We at Newmans Test Tag & Exit Lighting recommends that Employers meet obligations when it comes to Electrical Test and Tag and Emergency Exit Lighting and all safety issues ,  by following Australian standards AS/ NZ 3760:2010 and AS/NZ 2293:1995.

So What Needs to be Tested?

Anything that has a plug on it basically! Microwaves, Toasters, Computers, Power tools, Fridges etc. So Call us Today!  We will solve your OHS Requirements.

You can also email us by clicking here, we will get back to you same day!


See Below for a Recommendation email from a current client!


From: Aussie Concrete Products
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Subject: RE: Testing and tagging now due please confirm Day & Time …Thanks

We highly recommend Greg from Newmans Test Tag & Exit Lighting for any electrical tagging needs.

Greg is always prompt and professional, carrying out the work required with minimal disruption to our business, and at times that suit us. He also provides friendly reminders via email when our next test is due.

Thank you for keeping our workplace safe and compliant!

Kind Regards,

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And remember our service is Fast, Reliable, Personalized, and cost effective!

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